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Santa Barbara Day

By Grete Viddal, Religion, traditions and folklore Add comments

In Santiago de Cuba, Santa Bárbara (December 4th) is honored with a procession that begins at the casa templo of the spiritual family of Reyneiro Pérez, prominent local practitioners of Regla de Ocha/Santeria, in the Los Olmos neighborhood, and proceeds through the city’s narrow streets to the central plaza, called Parque Céspedes.. Dressed in her signature colors, crowned, and grasping a sword, Santa Bárbara is carried on a palanquin. As the procession passes, people gather on their stoops and balconies to watch and throw perfumed water on the statue. If they can afford it, they drink white wine and toast each other. Everyone dresses up, preferably in red and white, because these colors are sacred to Shangó, the Santería deity associated with Saint Barbara.

Santiago de Cuba, Santa Barbara Procession, Dec. 3, 2008 (all pics by Grete Viddal)

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  1. Kevin Says:


  2. Josep Canals Sala Says:

    Gracias, es hermoso.

  3. Elizabeth Fernandez O'Brien Says:

    Two and 1/2 years ago I asked a vendor near Parque Cespedes, do you have any other carvings, like maybe a santo de Regla de Ocha. He had really intense eyes, like coals on fire. He hesitated looking left and right and said, ” Come back tomorrow.”
    I returned, he dug into the boxes under a table full of African gazelles and masks and pulled it out. His eyes burned into me as he showed me an incredible two tone wood carving of Santa Barbara with a tower on her head and a tower 2/3 her size. Her left hand holds the head of the sword resting on the ground. Her right hand lit by the golden lighter wood holds a goblet The golden tone cascades down that same side of her full length mantilla.

  4. Grete Viddal Says:

    Kevin, Josep, and Elizabeth

    thanks for your comments!

    Kevin, I just finished reading your chapter: \\Spiritual Capital: Foreign Patronage and the Trafficking of Santeria\ in -Cuba in the Special Period- this very morning! Interesting and articulate, you hit the nail on the head in your descriptions of the forces at play.

    Some of my favorite sentences/concepts are:

    \The professionalization of Santeria performance through Cuba’s folklore industry laid the groundwork for the capitalization of Santeria performance that followed.\

    \During the Special Period, the Afro-Cuban traditions that previously had been folklorized and professionalized were increasingly capitalized.\

    \For many, Santería’s legacy of survival through the middle passage and slavery instills it with heroic emplotment, it’s music and song sonic signifiers of African power and survival.\ … \A visit to the island becomes a pilgrimage of sorts, a journey to the fount…\

    \Santeria’s … complex nature: simultaneously religion, subculture, national culture, pan-African diaspora culture, pop culture, subject of study, and commodity.\

  5. Kevin Says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words regarding the chapter. I just browsed some more of your posts and the vodú ones are amazing. Some of the nighttime shots looked difficult; you must have used a very fast lens or really pushed the settings or both, but the candlelight photos are great. I look forward to seeing more!

  6. robert fernandez Says:

    Hey Grete…beautiful photos as usual. I’ll try to get that bbok to you before you leave (It’s being copied)….say hi to Antonio and the usual suspects….Que Vivi Chango!!!……Bob

  7. Grete Viddal Says:

    The key to low-light shots: PhotoShop and I are pretty good buddies!

  8. Fétichisme Says:

    I want to join it.It looks grand.

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