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On Interracial Love: Nadine Fernandez’s new book

By Ariana Hernandez-Reguant, new book Add comments

Anthropologist Nadine Fernandez‘s book is out on Rutgers University Press:  Revolutionizing Romance. Interracial Couples in Contemporary Cuba.  The book comes with the highest recommendations by senior scholars, and EthnoCuba not only seconds this chorus but also wishes to add an emotional congratulation. Nadine Fernandez was our immediate predecessor in the field, and probably the first U.S. anthropology graduate student to have done ethnographic fieldwork in Cuba in the 1990s. Paul and, then, I arrived in Havana shortly after, very aware of our following on her footsteps. We are thrilled to see her book published, and resolve to, once again, follow her lead and get “there” not too much later.

We will link reviews of this volume as they appear. In the meantime, Nadine Fernandez has had the courtesy to send us the first pages of the  book introduction as a taste. You can download them HERE.

2 Responses to “On Interracial Love: Nadine Fernandez’s new book”

  1. pryer Says:

    Ok, this is so embarrassing: my three year old son saw this photo of Nadine’s book cover for literally two seconds and said, “Look, dad, a heart.” Which I–having seen this image any number of times since posting the flier in December–had not spotted. Some anthropologist! Anyway, as Boas supposedly said, if the seeing eye really is the organ of tradition, maybe we should all send toddlers off as ethnographers!

  2. Nadine Fernandez Says:

    Yikes! I never saw the heart either and it’s my book!!

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