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New Book on Urban Anthropology in Cuba

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A new book on urban anthropology was just published and presented in Havana last March 12th, 2010. The author is Avelino Couceiro Rodriguez, a historian and scholar affiliated with the Fernando Ortiz Foundation, the University of Havana School of Communication, and the Plaza Municipal Culture Council. The title is “Hacia una Antropologia Urbana de Cuba”, and the publisher, the Fernando Ortiz Foundation.

According to our colleague Pierre Sean Brotherton (Yale U.) who attended the event and kindly sent us the picture below, “the book advocates for an urban anthropological approach that tackles “the everyday” in Cuba.  This move towards analyzing the banality of everyday practices as objects of scholarly inquiry is innovative, in the context of Cuban anthropology” -something corroborated by the good turn out at the event.  Sean reports that the book was eloquently presented by Miguel Barnet.

photo by P.S. Brotherton

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  1. ihosvany Says:

    the Dr. P.Sean Brotherton of Yale University has taken a good picture. But we ned more academic information about this book by the author Avelino Couceiro.

    Thank you very much to Sean for the photo.
    Thank you very much to Ariana for this post.

  2. Avelino Víctor Couceiro Rodríguez, the author Says:

    Please, for Ihosvany and any other interested person:
    I´m willing to provide any information regarding to my book. I can be reached at vely175@yahoo.es and vely175@cubarte.cult.cu, both of them

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