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In Foreign Fields: The Politics and Experiences of Transnational Sport Migration, by Thomas Carter (2011)

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Here is another volume by a long-time colleague in which, although traveling beyond national or regional borders, Cuban research figures centrally–as the cover image certainly illustrates.  In Foreign Fields: The Politics and Experiences of Transnational Sport Migration, by Thomas Carter, Pluto Press 2011.

From the publisher:

In Foreign Fields examines the lives, decisions and challenges faced by transnational sport migrants — those professionals working in the sports industry who cross borders as part of their professional lives. Despite a great deal of romance surrounding international celebrity athletes, the vast majority of transnational sport migrants — players, journalists, coaches, administrators and medical personnel — toil far away from the limelight. Based on twelve years of ethnographic research conducted on three continents, Thomas F. Carter traces their lives, routes and experiences, documenting their travels and travails. He argues that far from the ease of mobility that celebrity sports stars enjoy, the vast majority of transnational sports migrants make huge sacrifices and labor under political restrictions, often enforced by sport’s governing bodies. This unique and clearly written study will make fascinating reading for anthropologists, sociologists and anyone interested in the lives of those who follow their sporting dreams.
Table of Contents:
Introduction: Sowing Transnational Sport Fields
1. Routes & Strategies of Transnational Sport Migration
2. Striding Across the Fields of Global Sport
3.  Sport and the State: Tensions of Sovereignty and Citizenship
4. NEOsport and the Production of Transnational Sport Migrants
5. Family Matters: risks and costs of mobility
6. Illegal Motion: Undocumented Migration and the Production of Illegality
Closing Comments: Experiencing the Politics of Transnational Sport Migration

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