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Hello colleagues!

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This is my first post as administrator of this just-launched blog.  The goal of etnocuba.ucr.edu (also ethnocuba.ucr.edu) is to facilitate communication and cooperation within the community of scholars conducting long-term ethnographic work in the Republic of Cuba or its diaspora, and it is modeled after the anthropological blog Savage Minds.  Thus, the intent is scholarly rather than political, to the extent such a distinction is possible in Cuban studies.  I expect the blog to evolve as I learn about WordPress, and–hopefully–as a community of users emerges.

The blog is publicly accessible, and anyone is welcome to read it.  Given the whole point of the site, I will be delighted to enroll fellow ethnographers as editors, in order to post articles and comments.  Otherwise, however, all comments will require administrator approval.


UPDATE (3/22/09).  Paul has kindly and quickly enrolled me. I will be posting information of interest as I receive it. Thank you. ariana h-r.

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  1. Ariana Says:

    I strongly disagree with the “administrator’s approval” policy. Moderation is a form of censorship. Let the comments flow and the debates flourish.

  2. pryer Says:

    Thanks for the comment, and agree with the sentiment. At the same time, in their documentation for beginning bloggers (which I am), WordPress strongly suggested moderating comments, as spammers otherwise would use them to raise the profile of their own sites. Indeed, I’ve already deleted spam… So, as an alternative (and given that the intended community here is fairly small and stable, though NOT closed), why not set it up to give publishing access to all?

  3. ariana Says:

    You could do that. However, it is in the comments were fruitful debates might take place, and you dont want to have to be there to approve every one. There are spam filters that can be set in place. For instance, you can set it up so that the commentor needs to replicate some random characters, etc.

  4. Martina Says:

    I am so glad I came across this site! Thank you for putting together and sharing so many academic and non-academic resources that relate to Cuba. I look forward to spending the next week pouring through them, as well as your past blog entries.

    One request: can you please add a subscribe to link to your homepage? I’d very much like to receive automatic notification of updates to this site. I’m sure others would find it useful, too.

    (I am a graduate student in sociology at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. I have a broad interest in Cuba, and hope to carry out ethnographic work in Cuba for my dissertation (which is still several years off)).


  5. pryer Says:

    Hi Martina,

    Thanks for the message, glad you find the site useful. You may also want to look EC up on facebook.

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