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El Espacio Aglutinador: A documentary-in-progress

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“The Art of Survival” is a documentary in progress on Sandra Ceballos’  Espacio Aglutinador; a space where so many censored and marginalized artists have been able to exhibit for the past seventeen years. It features what seems to be a promising interview with Glexis Novoa, and I look forward to one with Ezequiel Suárez. The documentary director is an artist himself, from New Jersey, called James Rauchman, who has a series of hyperrealist paintings on, among other topics, Cuban santeria. My only objection to this film is the music (not credited: Is that Philip Glass at 7’40? Then Orishas!).Here’s the trailer:

(thanks to Jorge Mata for the link)

2 Responses to “El Espacio Aglutinador: A documentary-in-progress”

  1. Grete Viddal Says:

    From what I can see in the trailer, the film is shot and edited in a appealing style that pulls the viewer into the story. yep, like the soundtrack too.

  2. sand Says:

    great footage. too bad the angle is from a right winged perspective that relates to a cold war trauma still lingering in the consciousness of many Cuban Americans. It is not what the Cuban Government does but what the effects of American policies and right winged Cuban Americans that have created a country frozen in time. The same can be said of many other Latin American countries affected by the history of American and Soviet cold war strategies from 1947 to the present… but why should we care in the US… it never really affected our memory since we cannot even remember McCarthyism, Reaganomics or George Bush I & II

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