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On Sex and Tourism. Amalia Cabezas and Jafari S. Allen

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cabezas-economies-of-desire-cover1Just out by Amalia Cabezas, here is Economies of Desire: Sex and Tourism in Cuba and the Dominican Republic.  Temple University Press, Philadelphia, 2009.  Having just taught Marc Padilla’s Caribbean Pleasure Industry: Tourism, Sexuality and AIDS in the Dominican Republic, I am looking forward to adding this to my summer reading list, and to thinking more broadly about Cuba’s entanglement in Caribbean currents.

And here is a link to Jafari Sinclaire Allen’s article, “Means of desire’s production: Male sex labor in Cuba,” in Identities 14 (1): 183-202.  This is an ethnographically grounded article which places male Cuban sex work in wider perspective–I am about to teach Marc Padilla’s book on male sex work in the Dominican Republic, for which this article ought to provide a cogent counterpoint.  It also presents a more in-depth perspective on the topic than Hodge’s shorter 2001 NACLA article.  I do wish that people working on male sex work in Cuba would reference the doctoral dissertation of David Forrest, Bichos, Maricones and Pingueros: an ethnographic study of “maleness” and “scarcity” in contemporary Socialist Cuba. (1999).  SOAS (Anthropology). London, University of London.  David and I overlapped in Havana for some months.  I believe he has left the (British) academy, unfortunately, and this is probably why his work has remained so rarely cited.  In any case, not only is David a mensh, but he took his work seriously and the dissertation is full of interesting material even though he was limited to less than a year of field research.  If anyone is looking for it, let me know if you’re having difficulty finding a copy.

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