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A Vodú Party for the Gods

By Grete Viddal, Cuba Haiti, Religion, Tales from the field Add comments

I went up a mountain, near Santiago, to houngan Pablo’s party for the gods. He lives in a place called Pilon del Cauto, near the river Cauto, about two or three (depending on road conditions) hours from Santiago, accessible by jeep, truck, or legs.

Guests arrived, some carrying a borrowed mattress to spend the night…

Pablo has a tonnel or space for ceremonies and parties. He has rented a sound system, and folks dance. Also there is much buying of goats: goat prices are based on weight. At the designated space, there is a  “mangemort” or altar table for the dead and another table for the “mangebla” or “mesa blanca” (called a manje blan in Haiti), with cakes and treats for the “sweet” spirits.

The white goat for the “mesa blanca” ceremony is consecrated with perfume and herbs. Tato and Pablo supervise the consecration of the fowl. Tato sprinkles the birds with a mix or holy water, perfume, herbs…

Houngan Pablo Milanes, mounted by the spirit Gran Bwa, sacrifices the goat. His son, behind, helps hold the animal steady. Gran Bwa then blesses congregants, while he is sitting on the body of the goat. He then dances the merenge with one of his assistants… Finally the goat is butchered and the meat readied for a night time feast…

NOTE on the usage of the term VODÚ: In the Cuban context the correct spelling for this religious practice is “vodú.”  (The Dominican spelling is often Vudu, in scholarly books in English it is Vodou. In French is Vaudoux. When writing about folk religion in the U.S. South, scholars sometimes term it “hoodoo.” Voodoo is an outdated and pejorative way to refer to Haitian spirituality.

6 Responses to “A Vodú Party for the Gods”

  1. Steve Parker Says:

    This is very amazing & interesting story, there is many cultures & believes in the world which peoples follows. Well thanks for the sharing.

  2. Kylie Batt Says:

    По-моему это не логично…

    I went up a mountain, near Santiago, to houngan Pablo’s party for the gods…..

  3. varices Says:

    I think that it is very interesting and horrible in the same time…I do not agree to kill animals but, anyway.. is culture.

  4. Joel Says:

    Don’t project your own cultural biases on others.

  5. Jorge Mata Says:

    Lindo trabajo y las imágenes me encantan. Hay gente que le parece fuerte y cruel estos rituales con siglos de historia, cuando son muy escrupulosos con el sacrificio animal, siempre se les pregunta a las deidades por su venia y si la deidad responde no; no se sacrifica. Por otra parte creo ver imágenes cada día más fuertes en las noticias de las cadenas de TV y aún más sin animos de ofender, millones de personas adoran la imagen de un hijo de dios, torturado hasta la muerte, con una corona de espinos en la cabeza y clavado en una cruz, si esto no es fuerte que me digan que lo es. Dejemos los maniqueos y respetemos las costumbres de otras culturas aunque no las entendamos. Y por cierto estas culturas son muy anteriores a las religiones Monoteístas.
    Gracias por este lindo trabajo, me alegra poder encontra Post así. Un abrazo. M

  6. Grete Viddal Says:

    bien dicho Jorge Mata! gracias por sus palabras.

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