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8th CRI conference on Cuban and Cuba-American Studies

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Here is the reposted CFP for the 8th Cuban Research Institute conference at FIU, Feb. 4-6, 2010. The theme is “Cuba 2010: An Island in a Global World.”

UPDATE: see comments for a brief summary of the conference.

5 Responses to “8th CRI conference on Cuban and Cuba-American Studies”

  1. TCarter Says:

    I’d be interested. Although I am also holding out for the Bildner Center’s conference that is usually held in March. It’s held every two years and the last was in 2008. I find that one more diverse in its approach and politics. Attending both would be problematic for me.

  2. pryer Says:

    Deadline for this has just passed, but do see the post for Bildner. Note it is 2011, not 2010, and still does not have a precise date!

  3. Laurie Frederik Says:

    I was wondering about the 2011 date and a call for papers so crazily far in advance. Do you think it’s a typo and they are actually referring to a 2010 conference?

  4. pryer Says:

    Here is a report on the CRI conference, condensed from the UC-Cuba listserv:

    The 8th CRI conference on Cuban and Cuban American studies, “Cuba: An Island in a Global World,” took place from February 11 to 13, 2010, at Miami’s Florida International University. Bringing together scholars from the U.S., Canada, Israel, Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Germany, the interdisciplinary conference sought to foster global and transnational approaches to the analysis of contemporary and historical political, social and economic and cultural dynamics on the island and its diaspora. Featuring 31 panels and more than 100 presentations, the conference provided ample evidence that the study of Cuba and its overseas communities continues to be a vital field, as well as the ingenuity and persistence of scholars who continue to find ways to surmount ongoing challenges to research and academic exchange with la isla.

    Since 1991, CRI has demonstrated a commitment to working with scholars on the island, and has sought to secure their participation in conferences; unfortunately, the inability of Cuban scholars to secure exit permits and visas prevented island-based scholars from participating this year. Their conspicuous absence, along with that of scheduled panelists who were prevented by historic snowstorms in the eastern United States from reaching Miami, was deeply felt by those in attendance. Nonetheless, the conference provided a rich opportunity for much-needed academic exchange, informal conversation and networking among scholars of Cuban and Cuban American studies. Our gratitude goes out to the Cuban Research Institute for providing the community with space for these moments, and for their ongoing commitment to providing an open forum for discussion of the island’s history, present reality, and future possibilities.

  5. ariana Says:

    It would be nice to have a more specific report…

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