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News from S. Africa: 2009 documentary by Katrin Hansing

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Just received the following from Africanist colleague Derick Fay, “photographed off the wall of the theatre in the Grahamstown Festival”:


Katrin has written a brief eulogy for Freddy, who recently passed away, which seems to indicate that his death had forstalled the documentary.  At least this short version is circulating; if anyone has a link to screening/distribution/reviews, please share a quick comment.

A literary geography of Oriente

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Here is something interesting from Kristina Wirtz, passed along via Ivor and Grete.  It’s an ongoing literary/cultural studies project, part of a University of Essex-based attempt to rethink the “American Tropics” in terms of a literary geography of six places, including Oriente, for which Peter Hulme provides an annotated bibliography.

Cuba and Miami: Religious Ties

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Stepick_LThe just-released book Churches and Carity in the Immigrant City: Religion, Immigration, and Civic Engagement in Miami, edited by Alex Stepick, Terry Rey, and Sarah J. Mahler.  Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, 2009, contains two articles pertaining to Cuba and its migrants: “Unidos en la Fe: Transnational Civic Social Engagement between Two Cuban Catholic Parishes” by Katrin Hansing, and “So Close and Yet So Far Away: Comparing Civic Social Capital in Two Cuban Congregations” by Sarah J. Mahler.

Archivocubano on Fundación Fernando Ortiz and Museo Montané

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This Italian site, Archivocubano, has a post on the first decade of the Fundación Fernando Ortiz, written a few years ago by Jesús Guanche.  And also a post on the history of the Museo Montané at the Universidad de La Habana, by Armando Rangel Rivero.  To date, I have not been able to find a direct URL for the museum (of, for that matter, for the Centro de Antropología in Cerro).  Does anyone have other links to/from/about these institutions?  If so, please please post them in a quick comment!

afrocubaweb, “The Discourse on Racism in Anti-Castro Publications, 2008-2009: The Obama Factor”

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Thanks to Ariana for pointing out afrocubaweb‘s collection of recent writings and responses, from a wide range of perspectives, “The Discourse on Racism in Anti-Castro Publications, 2008-2009: The Obama Factor.”  Until reading this, I had never heard that Encuentro de la cultura cubana and the Afro-Cuban alliance, which publishes Islas, are among the groups which have received funding from the U.S.-government funded National Endowment for Democracy.  Perhaps partly because it’s based in Madrid, Encuentro in particular has always seemed to present interesting, independent perspectives, so while IMO still something to read regularly, this is food for thought.

Adriana Premat on Havana’s Urban Agriculture

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Just out this week is “State Power, Private Plots and the Greening of Havana’s Urban Agriculture Movement,” by Adriana Premat, in City & Society, vol. 21, issue 1, pp. 28-57.


Drawing on ethnographic research conducted over a decade from 1997 to 2007 in Havana, Cuba, this paper applies Henri Lefebvre’s insights on the social production of space to the processes involved in the creation of officially-sanctioned sustainable urban agriculture sites. Without denying the important function of the state in these processes, this paper highlights the significant role played by a range of non-state actors, and interests, largely left out from most scholarly accounts of Cuba’s recent agricultural developments. In this manner, the paper offers a more refined understanding of the influence and the limits of the Cuban state at the current historical juncture.

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